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We deserve real reform of BART!

Poor judgement and financial missteps of past BART Directors, has left us with a transit system that has some of the oldest equipment, the lowest approval rating, safety concerns, and continuous delays.

BART needs a smart, dependable, strong businesswoman, who is independent of Labor and other special interests to:

  • ESTABLISH accountability in management for the financial stability, affordability and cost effectiveness of BART.
  • REBUILD the old infrastructure to provide a renewed, sustainable, durable transportation system for future generations.
  • REPLACE obsolete, broken equipment with clean, innovative, modern replacements and maintain them. 
  • INTEGRATE the current system with our numerous other Bay Area transit systems to create greater accessibility and efficiency in our lives.
  • PROVIDE a better BART experience to the customer, the rider, and the workers.

I am an independent, thoughtful, outsider, willing to take on the challenges of the troubled BART system. I have spent over 25 years in a career in various financial management and board level positions. I now want to use that experience and knowledge to help the BART stakeholders, the riders, the taxpayers, and the BART employees.

Let’s fix BART together. Support Debora Allen for BART Director in District 1.



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