It was recently revealed that most of the cameras on BART were fake or inoperable. Between 2012 and 2015, nearly 11,000 crimes on BART were reported and the Pleasant Hill station saw a 48 percent increase in property crime from 2014 to 2015. We need new leadership to install real, working cameras, increased lighting, and better policing.


The computer that runs BART was built in 1967 and most of the cars are at least 40 years old. BART is more crowded than ever before. Delays, malfunctions, closures, crashes, broken equipment have become far too common. We only have parking spaces for 1/10th the daily riders and access for the handicapped and elderly has decreased. We need new leadership to fix BART from the ground up.


The 2013 BART strikes crippled the Bay Area and cost the regional economy $73 million per day. BART Directors have failed to reserve enough money for needed maintenance or replacements, and now they are asking us for a $3.5 billion tax-hike. It’s time that BART and its $1.8 billion annual budget becomes accountable to the taxpayers and riders.

Why I Am Running

I am Debora Allen and I am running for the BART Director in District 1, because we can do better for BART!

Poor judgment and financial missteps of past BART Directors, has left us with a transit system that has some of the oldest equipment, the lowest approval rating, and one of the highest system failure rates in the country.

BART needs a smart, dependable, strong businesswoman, who is independent of Labor and other special interests.